A B O U T  U S

We are a Singapore based do-it-yourself videography solution designed to provide you with a fun and affordable way of capturing your special day or event through the eyes of your guests.

The name POLYGLE comes from combining "poly" (multiple) and "angles".
We believe this is one of the greatest things about POLYGLE: It gives you a unique chance to re-live your big day or event from many different points of view.

We know first-hand just how many moments are missed during an event, not because you want to miss them but because you just can't realistically be everywhere and with everyone at once. With POLYGLE, you'll be able to finally see and re-live over and over again the fun and excitement of the day (or days!), from the eyes of your friends and family.

We make the whole process easy.
Simply book, receive the video cameras, film and send back.
Give us 7 days and BOOM! You'll have a unique professionally-edited highlights video.