H O W  I T  W O R K S


1 - Book your POLYGLE box 

2 - Receive your POLYGLE box to your doorstep. You'll get 5 HD video cameras to hold on to for 3 days

3 - It's party time! Hand out the video cameras to your guests and GET FILMING!

4 - Put everything back in the POLYGLE box. Our courier team will pick it up from you

5 - Sit back and relax... In 7 days, you'll receive a unique professionally edited video of your event.


  • 5 HD video cameras for 3 days rental
  • 3 USB charging cables rental
  • Courier of POLYGLE box (both ways)
  • Filtering of video content
  • Royalty Free music from professional studios
  • 1 Professionally-edited Highlights Video (around 3 minutes long)


  • 1 Instagram Edit version of your video (1 minute long)