F I L M I N G  T I P S

Here are some simple tips to share with the guests you'll pick to use the POLYGLE cameras


  1. Click on the Home button
  2. Tap on the "Camera" app
  3. Make sure to be on "Video" mode
  4. Get filming!
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Make sure to always hold the camera horizontally to capture the event.
Holding the camera horizontally will allow 16:9 video content, necessary for a professional looking video. 
Hold horizontally - It's easy to remember! 

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Slow-Motion video is amazing content to add to your final video.
The feature is really easy to access on the camera.
Even if it's a really cool effect, don't abuse it:
We recommend that maximum 20% of your final amount of content should be Slow-motion video. 

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Don't forget to capture the scenery of the event.
It allows our editing team to create fantastic introduction and transitions. 
For example, film the place where the event is going to happen, the decoration, the garden, the landscape, flowers, the buffet, the cake, etc. 

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When you capture a moment, just make sure there is enough light around so that the content is perfectly fine to add to the final video.
Our editing team won't be able to add any content that is too dark of course, we only want the best video for you!